What do you get: After reading this article, you will know what are the best Slack apps that will automate 90% of your workflow and keep your team focused and productive. 🔥

Sounds impossible? Keep reading it.

Did you know that you can automate 90% of your work with Slack? 😮


Yeah, Slack isn't just the communication platform. It's much more than that.

Slack is imagined to be the place where work happens. If you're not automating your tasks with Slack, then you're using it in a wrong way. ❌

First, let's start with why.

So, why should you automate your tasks inside Slack?

  • Because that's the place where your team is gathering and communicating with each other
  • Because you will be more productive
  • Because you will save time and be able to do more
  • Because your team won't need to leave Slack at all.

Slack with its apps has everything you need to run your business.


You won’t need to navigate through multiple apps and products all the time.

Slack made sure of that.

If you don’t know, Slack has the App directory with hundreds of different apps you can use to improve your team’s productivity and create automated workflows. It’s the same as plugins for WordPress.

So in this article, we’re going to see 37 best Slack apps that will help you to take your SMB on the next level, improve your team’s productivity and create automated workflows.

Wondering how we chose the best slack apps on the market?


We asked people in a lot of different communities:

Overall, we’ve gathered 37 different Slack Apps with different use cases.

It’s also important to mention that we actually tried all of those slack apps. Especially because we want to help you to make the best choices as possible.

Sorry, but we really care about your company. 🤷‍♂️

Now, we know that this is not the only article about the best slack apps for your business on the internet, so we decided to create a little twist (We like to be the best in everything 👼).

We didn’t just gather and described the largest number of different Slack Apps, but we also divided them into different categories according to their use cases for the easy search. So, we have the best slack apps for:

  • Customer support
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Development/Design
  • Assets sharing
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Bots
  • Automation
  • Surveys
  • Productivity

Feel free to click on any of these above for the faster navigation. Also, make sure to pin this article somewhere so you can always refer to it. 😉

Here's a little summary of the best Slack apps out there. Feel free to click on them for the faster navigation.

37 Best Slack Apps for your business:

Customer Support:

  • Lemtalk (Talkus) - All-in-one customer support software built for Slack
  • Ottspott - Call-centre from Slack

Project Management:

  • Trello - Keep the track of what's going on with your projects
  • LucidChart - Visualize processes and workflows


  • Brand24 - Monitor your online mentions
  • Arc - Keep an eye on your Analytics in Slack
  • ContentKing - Detecting SEO issues made easy
  • InfluencerBot - Find and track relevant influencers in your niche - from Slack
  • Clever Google Ads - Track, create and monitor your PPC campaigns
  • Growthbot - For whatever you need, Growthbot has the answer. Seriously


  • Troops - Keep an eye on your prospects and leads
  • Niles - Create the knowledge base for your sales reps


  • GitHub - Monitor deployments and product development
  • JIRA - Bring agility to your workflow from Slack
  • Rollbar - Monitor your website's and app's performance
  • Vector finder - Use the Slack to find appropriate vectors
  • Monkey test it - Make sure that your website is running smoothly

Assets sharing:

  • Google Drive - Easily share your documents with your teammates
  • Tettra - Employee onboarding made easy


  • Standuply - The best slack app for standups
  • GoToMeeting - Create video meeting rooms from Slack
  • Zoom - Great GoTo Meeting alternative

Time management:

  • Google Calendar - Never forget important meetings again
  • Paymo - Time tracking software built for Slack
  • Nikabot - Track the time you need per task


  • Doodle - Simple meeting poll
  • Leo (Officevibe) - Take your company culture on the next level
  • Donut - Onboard your employees more effective
  • Lunch Train - Lunch problems are finally solved
  • Birthday bot - Never forget your colleague's birthday


  • Zapier - Automate your processes


  • SurveyMonkey - Survey your employees


  • Giphy - Find the perfect gifs in two seconds
  • Pocket - Easily save important links
  • Any.do - Make a killer To-do list
  • Dead Simple Screen Sharing - Share your screen on a dead-simple way
  • Marker - Complicated process of taking screenshots isn't complicated anymore.

Now when we know what are the best slack apps for your business, let’s see what are they doing, how can they help you and what is their pricing.

Put your belts on, because the flight starts right now!

Best Slack Apps for Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important parts of your business.

To be honest with you, there are dozens of different customer support slack apps - including Intercom, Zendesk, Olark, and many others.

But, we didn’t include any of them. 🙅‍♂️


Because they are not built for Slack.

They only have slack integration, but for the majority of the time, you will need to visit their products - which can be confusing and time-consuming. 😫

Instead of them, we’ve chosen two customer support slack apps that are built directly for Slack, and whatever you do, you’re doing it in Slack.

So basically, they are useless if they're not used in Slack.

1. Lemtalk (Talkus) - All-in-one customer support and help desk software for Slack

Full disclosure: Lemtalk is our tool. We're proud of it 🤘 but this is not going to be shameless self-promotion. Actually, we’re going to present you the real facts - both advantages and shortcomings of our tool. So, keep your attention. This is going to be interesting. 🤗

Keep in mind, Talkus is the current name of our tool, but we're going to rebrand it in Lemtalk.

Lemtalk is built with one purpose: to empower your customer support team and save their time.

So everything you’re doing for your customer support, you can do it from Slack - without navigating to our product and dashboard.

In other words, Lemtalk enables you to answer the tickets that are coming from Live chat, email, Facebook Messenger or SMS directly from your Slack account. You don't need to leave your Slack channel at all.

Isn't that awesome? 👼

Check it yourself. The video is only 40 seconds long.

Advantages of Lemtalk

As we mentioned, the main advantage of Talkus over other customer support tools for Slack is that you can answer to all of your tickets (no matter from where they came), directly from your Slack account. You don’t need to visit multiple apps or products all-the-time.

You can also create automated messages and trigger your Live Chat based on the visitor’s behaviours on your website. This can be pretty useful since it will help you to boost your landing page conversions. According to ApexChat, triggered Live Chats can increase your lead generation for more than 40%.

The last, but not the least important advantage is that Talkus also enables you to create a knowledge base and FAQ pages for your users.

Shortcomings of Lemtalk

Even if this is our own tool, we’ll be real with you and let you know what are the some of the problems you can face with after you create your account and join the Lemtalk’s family.

Do you see that we really care about your business? 🤷‍♂️

The main shortcoming is that you will need to configure a couple of things outside the Slack.

We’re sorry, but this wasn’t possible to make inside your workspace. So, you will need to use our product a little bit - but don’t worry, only at the beginning!

For Lemtalk to work, you will need to copy/paste one JavaScript snippet code into your website. You will also need to use our product to design the look and style of your live chat, as well as to create FAQ pages or automated messages.

Except all of this, everything else is done directly from Slack! 🤘

Lemtalk's pricing

Our pricing is quite simple. We have three different plans without any hidden fees:

  • Startup plan for $48/mo
  • Business plan for $96/mo
  • Agency plan for $249/mo

Are we loved by our customers?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what we say about any of the slack apps (including ours as well). So we also decided to give you the most objective review of each tool that we could find.

Here’s what people speak about the Lemtalk:

So, if you're the SMB (or enterprise as well) looking to automate your customer support processes and do more with less time, then we would be more happy to have you in our family! 👪

You can start your free 14-day trial right now!

2. Ottspott - phone conversations from Slack

In Short, Ottspott is the call centre built for Slack.

With Ottspott, you can have different numbers for different countries, voicemail, record your calls and even make conference calls. And all of that is happening directly in Slack.

Ottspott also makes you easy to connect your Customer Support, Customer Success and Sales departments. You can integrate your Ottspott account with different products like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and many others.

Unfortunately, there are no reviews about Ottspott, but we tried it, and we can say that’s super easy to manage your inbound and outbound calls, create contacts and to do everything you need from your Slack account.

In some moment, if you have a lot of contacts, it could be a little bit messy (since each contact has its own slack channel), but it’s not a big deal. 🤘

Ottspott’s pricing

Just like Lemtalk, Ottspott also offers you three different packages:

  • Basic package for $19/per user per month
  • Premium package for $29/per user per month
  • Custom package with the custom price

Slack apps for project management

Project management is another crucial part of every business.

Fortunately for all Slack lovers, entire project management can be done inside our favorite app for team collaboration. 🤗

And here’re the best slack apps to do that.

3. Trello - Always keep-an-eye on what’s happening

For those who don’t know, Trello is the project management software that uses only the Kanban methodology:

It’s great for keeping an eye on everything your team does 🕵️‍♂️. You can share assets, assign tasks, and track the task’s performances.

Luckily for us, Trello has a powerful Slack integration that notifies our teams whenever someone makes some changes inside the boards.

Unfortunately, you can’t edit your Trello boards directly from Slack, but you can track the performance and changes.

Long story short, at least, you don’t need to check Trello all the time.

To use Trello’s slack integration, you will need to have an account on Trello. Luckily, Trello has a lifetime free plan that allows us to have up to 10 different boards.

Trello has more than 13.000 reviews on Capterra, with the average rate of 4.5/5

4. Lucidchart - design and define your workflows and processes

Lucidchart is the software that helps you to create your workflows, diagrams, processes and many other things.

It’s relatively easy to use. With its slack integration, you can easily collaborate with your teammates on everything that you’re doing inside the company.

The Lucidchart slack app lets you invite your teammates to collaborate with you on the new diagrams through /lucidchart slash command.

Best Slack Apps - Lucidchart
Lucidchart Slack App

What are people speaking about the Lucidchart?

With over 1000 reviews on Capterra, Lucidchart has the rating of 4.5/5. Here’s the most objective review we found:

Best Slack Apps - Lucidshart's capterra review
Lucidchart Capterra review

Lucidchart’s pricing

To use lucidchart’s Slack app, you will need to have a Lucidchart’s account. Fortunately, the license for just one user is lifetime free.

Best Slack Apps - Lucidchart pricing
Lucidchart's Pricing

Slack apps for marketing

Is there anything better than automating your marketing workflows and campaigns?

Nope, there isn’t.

That’s the reason why we really like to use Slack apps for marketing.

Here are the best slack apps for marketing that are recommended by the people we interviewed.

5. Brand24 - monitor your brand’s mentions in real-time

Brand24 is a powerful tool that lets you monitor your brand’s mentions on social media and all over the web.

This is really important since it will help you to understand what are the people talking about you, and how to take advantage of that. Brand24 also helps you to monitor different keywords and get the notification as soon as someone uses them.

Brand 24 - Slack app
Best Slack Apps - Brand24

You know that we only provide quality information. We won't lie to you that Brand24 is one of the best slack apps if it isn't.

Here's the proof:

Best Slack Apps - Brand24 Capterra review
Brand24 - Capterra review

A little problem is that you can't use Brand24 without paying for it.

Brand24 comes in three different plans:

  • Plus for $49 per month (50k mentions per month)
  • The premium for $99 per month (400k mentions per month)
  • Max for $399 per month (1M mentions per month)
Best Slack Apps - Brand 24 pricing
Brand 24 - Pricing

6. Arc - have analytics at the top of your hand

We all know how important the analytics are. But do you know how handy it is to check them all the time - on a daily basis?

Believe me, it's a big pleasure when you don't need to check your Google Analytics account all the time.

Arc is a simple Slack app that shows your Google Analytics data directly in your Slack.

See it yourself:

Best Slack Apps - Arc
Arc Slack app

In Arc, you have two different pricing packages:

  • Free - lets you receive reports for only 1 summary
  • Paid - $9/mo - lets you to have up to 5 summaries

7. ContentKing

Your website's SEO health is way too much important. After all, it's the number one foundation for your organic growth. Right?

ContentKing Slack app helps you to monitor your website's SEO health. It automatically lets you know whenever some change or issue happens.

If you're also an agency that's doing SEO for its clients, having this slack app in your toolkit can be very useful.

With ContentKing, you will receive alerts whenever some issue pops up, or whenever someone solves them. On this way, you will easily keep track of everything that's going on with your website's SEO.

Best Slack Apps - ContentKing
ContentKing - Slack app

As you already know, we only want to help you with relevant and high-valuable things. So if you don't believe us that ContentKing is one of the best slack apps out there, you should read Koen's review:

Best Slack Apps - ContentKing slack app - Capterra review
ContentKing Slack app - Capterra review

Unfortunately, ContentKing doesn't have a lifetime free plan. But, on the other hand, it's pricing is based on the number of pages you have on your website.

So, if you have 1000 pages on your website, you can expect to pay as little as $19/mo in the basic or $99/mo in the Pro version.

8. InfluencerBot

We bet that all of us sometimes didn't know how to find quality influencers for our brands.

Well, there is not these obstacles anymore.

Because InfluencerBot is smart enough to find relevant and quality influencers for all niches and industries.

You can track different influencer profiles, posts and analyze results. But, how this looks in practice?

Best Slack Apps - InfluencerBot
InfluencerBot Slack App

Do you know what's the best part about InfluencerBot?

It's totally free!

9. Clever Google Ads

If you're the PPC geek (or if you're running your PPC campaigns too often), then Clever Google Ads will, soon enough, become your favorite tool of all time!

This tool is very similar to the Arc.

It shows you your reports, statistics and summaries.

Best Slack Apps - Clever Google Ads
Clever Google Ads - Slack App

Just like InfluencerBot, Clever Google Ads Slack app is totally free, so you can play with your PPC campaigns as long as you want!

10. GrowthBot - helps you to accelerate your growth

GrowthBot is going to be your best friend after you install it into your Slack workspace. It's built by the HubSpot team, and it's completely free to use.

GrowthBot provides you answers to whatever you need. You can ask your buddy what are the keywords your competitor is ranking for, or, you can even ask, what marketing software Zendesk use.

It's going to be your best virtual assistant for quicker information access.

Best Slack Apps - GrowthBot
Growthbot - slack app

Best Slack apps for Sales

Are you able to grow your company without sales?


That's the reason why, if your team is using Slack of course. you need to use these Slack apps for sales.

11. Troops - Empower your sales with this simplified Slack app

To be honest with you, we actually didn't try Troops by ourselves. We will explain the reason in a few seconds.

Troops is a great sales Slack app that helps you to keep track of your teams and prospects. But, a little shortcoming of Troops is that it works only if you're using Salesforce as your go-to CRM.

Best Slack Apps - Troops
Troops - Slack App

Since we're not using the Salesforce, we didn't test the Troops.

But (BIG BUT), we've seen a lot of positive reviews and recommendations of this Slack app across the web. So, we've decided to include it on this list.

If you're using both Slack and Salesforce, this Slack app is a must.

Troops - G2 review

Troops' pricing is confusing somehow. For each plan, you will need to contact their team to get a quote.

12. Niles - build an in-slack knowledge base for your sales reps

Yeah, it could be hard sometimes to remember all of those little facts and deals you have while doing sales.

Imagine how handy it would be to have all the answers you need at the top of your hand in your Slack workspace.

That's exactly what Niles does. It helps you to create your own company's knowledge base.

Finding answers is super quick and super easy.

Best Slack Apps - Niles
Niles - Slack App

Niles's pricing starts with $19 for 10 users.

Best Slack Apps - Niles Pricing
Niles Slack App - pricing

Best Slack apps for Development and Design

Let me tell you a little secret.

Developers and designers are most productive when they're not distracted.

Yeah, slack notifications will perhaps annoy them a little bit but, at least, they won't need to navigate through different tabs and products all the time.

So here, we're proudly presenting you the best slack apps for development and design

13. GitHub - all of your development notifications are in Slack

We all know what GitHub is. It's the tool for deploying and keeping all of your product's codes.

GitHub Slack app might come handy since it will help your developers to bee in track with everything that's going on without refreshing GitHub tabs all the time.

Best Slack Apps - Github
Github - Slack app

14. Jira-Integration+ - monitor your development projects inside Slack

Although Jira has several Slack apps, this one has everything you need.

So instead of installing several Jira's apps, you can just install this one. It's easier and less time-consuming and confusing.

Jira-Integration+ from Nextup helps you to create issues, assign tasks, comment, track time, monitor notifications and many other things.

The best part? Everything is done from Slack.

Jira-Integration+ from Nextup

You can even check their public roadmap.

Jira-Integration+ is free for 30 days, and after that, it's just $0.75 per user per month.

15. Rollbar - monitor your website's and app's performance

Rollbar helps your development teams to detect, diagnose and solve application issues and bugs.

It shows you a notification whenever some error or bug happens inside your product.

Best Slack Apps - Rollbar
Rollbar - Slack App

Rollbar has more than 80 reviews on Capterra. Here's the most objective one:

Best Slack Apps - Rollbar Capterra review
Rollbar Slack App - Capterra review

The great news is that Rollbar has the lifetime free plan for up to 5000 issues per month. If your product isn't complicated too much, the free plan will satisfy your needs.

After that, the price starts at $41/mo depending on the number of events you need.

16. Vector Finder - find your favorite vectors inside the Slack

Know that feeling when you literally can't find appropriate vectors for hours?

Well, that's not the problem anymore.

Vector Finders is an amazing Slack app for all designers. It allows you to find appropriate vectors for your design projects right from your Slack workspace.

Simply type: vector/ [your keyword] and the most popular results will pop up immediately.

Best Slack Apps - Vector Finder
Vector Finder - Slack app

17. Monkey Test It - make your own Zoo for website performance

We really like monkeys. Seriously. 🙊

Best Slack Apps - helped me with slack apps
And we like to create memes as well! :) 

But when we're talking about the website's performance, monkeys are our best friends.

We can't live without them.

Monkey Test It Slack app sends a troop of monkeys to test and click on everything on your website.

There is no manual testing anymore.

Best Slack Apps - Monkey Test It
Monkey Test It - Slack App

Slack apps for sharing assets

You can't run the business without documents.

Here are the two best Slack apps we found that will help you to easily share documents with your team members.

18. Google Drive Slack App - easily share your documents

If you're not using Google Drive and Google's products for documents, then you should start right now.


Because it's the easiest way to create and share documents with your team.

Google Drive's Slack app made sure for that.

Best Slack Apps - Google Drive
Google Drive - Slack App

19. Tettra Wiki - arrange your team's knowledge base

Tettra Wiki is quite similar like Niles, but it's worth mentioning since it's an amazing tool to keep you productive and save your time!

You can create and update different documents inside your Slack channel. The best thing? It can also search your Google docs.

Best Slack Apps - Tettra Wiki
Tettra Wiki - Slack App

Best Slack Apps for Communication

Unread emails, boring writing, or too many different communication channels. These are the problems companies are facing all the time.

But, with these Slack apps, your entire communication is going to be handled directly from Slack.

Even the emails - yeah.

Let's see the best Slack apps for communication.

20. Standuply - made your team's communication easy

Standuply has everything you need for great communication without any distractions.

It helps you to send voice or video messages, receive team members reports for the daily/weekly standups and even to create different polls.

Best Slack Apps - Standuply
Standuply - Slack App

The default Standuply Slack app only allows you to create reports and polls for the daily standups. For the other functionalities and use cases, you will need to install other Standuply's apps like: Standuply-voice, Standuply-video, Poll-Standuply, etc.

Standuply's free versions support only 3 members, while the paying plans are starting with $15 per month for 9 members.

Best Slack Apps - Standuply Pricing
Standuply Slack App - Pricing

21. GoToMeeting - meeting app for your Slack

GoToMeeting Slack apps help you to create meeting rooms directly from your Slack app.

It's easy to use as 1,2,3. Just type /g2m and the meeting room will be created.

Best Slack Apps - GoToMeeting
GoToMeeting - Slack App

Note that you will need to have an account at GoToMeeting to create meeting rooms.

The cheapest plan starts at $14/mo for up to 10 participants.

22. Zoom - GoToMeeting alternative

Whether you will choose Zoom or GoToMeeting, it really depends on your preferences.

Both products are great for team meetings, and both of them have great Slack integration.

The process is the same. Just type /zoom in your Slack and the meeting room will be created.

Best Slack Apps - Zoom
Zoom - Slack App

The only difference is that Zoom has the lifetime free plan for up to 100 participants (but the meeting limit is 40 minutes).

Slack Apps for Time Management

Personally, I lost more than 2 hours every day on stupid things. No matter how hard I'm trying, my attention can easily be distracted.

That's the reason why I started to use these slack apps for time management. I need to say: "They're pretty great!".

23. Google Calendar - Keep track of your obligations

It would be unforgivable if you forget the meeting or some important task after you integrate Google Calendar with your Slack account.

Google Calendar Slack App gives you a notification whenever someone creates or updates events. It also reminds you whenever you have some important meeting, task or any other event.

24. Paymo - Slack app for time management and task tracking

Paymo helps you to create and assign tasks to different team members. You can track their progress as well as the time they spent on it.

The reason why we decided to put Paymo in the "time management" but not the "project management" category, is because, for the project management use cases, you will need to leave the Slack. But you have the access to the time tracking and time reports directly from your Slack account.

Best Slack Apps - Paymo - time management Slack app
Paymo - time management Slack app

If you're the freelancer, Paymo offers you lifetime free plan. But if you have more than 1 users in your team, the pricing plan starts with $9.56 per user per month.

25. Nikabot - monitor your company's time, get reports and allocate resources

We love Nika too much!

She really helped us to see where are we wasting on our time, where to allocate it and what could we do better.

Nika helps your team members to track their time on each task. In the end, it creates a great (but yet simplified) report for your team.

Best Slack Apps - Nikabot - time tracking Slack app
Nikabot - Time Tracking Slack app

Nikabot has only one pricing package, and it costs $4.99 per user per month.

Best Slack Bots to try out

Can you imagine the 21st century without Slack bots?

Don't know for you, but I can't.

Believe me, as soon as you start using them, your life becomes simpler and you will have fewer headaches.

Let's see some of the best Slack bots on the market

26. Doodle bot - meet with your coworkers inside or outside the Slack

I really like Doodle.

While I was working in-house, it was our go-to Slack bot for scheduling meetings, meetups and different occasions and team buildings.

Doodle creates a simple poll that lets your team members to chose and vote for the best meeting time.

Best Slack Apps - Slack bots - Doodle
Doodle - Slack bot for meetings

27. Leo (Officevibe Bot) - take your company culture on the next level

Leo is one of the best Slack Apps and the best Slack bots out there for the company culture and company engagement.

It helps you to create different surveys and detect warnings early-on.

Remember that company culture is really important for success. So please pay attention to it.

Best Slack Apps - Leo (Officevibe bot) and the best slack bot
Leo (Officevibe bot) - Slack app and Slack Bot

28. Donut - onboard your employees easily

Donut has several use cases. The one I like the most is the pairing!

It's a really amazing feature. It automatically pairs people inside your company who are not speaking with each other too often. It helps them to meet each other and become a better friend! Isn't that beautiful?

Best Slack Apps - Donut bot pairing
Donut Slack Bot - pairing

But, Donut can also help you to onboard your new employees (or old ones, if they like to forget facts). It sends relevant links and documents that could help them.

Donut has the lifetime free plan for pairing people, but if you want to include onboarding too, Donut will cost you $5 per member.

29. Lunch Train - make your lunch breaks simpler

If you're working in the office, then you know how painful could be when no one knows from where to order the food.

But fortunately, Lunch Train Slack bot solves that problem.

It creates a simple poll that will let your team members vote for the restaurant (or the type of food), they would like to eat.

Best Slack Apps - Lunch train slack bot
Lunch train - slack app and slack bot

30. Birthday bot - never forget birthdays again

Simple yet powerful slack bot.

You know how important is to remember birthday to your colleagues. Especially if you have a crush on one of them (Ups! Will keep your secret!).


Well, Birthday bot remembers all of the company birthdays for you - so you don't need to.

Best Slack Apps - Birthday Bot Slack Bot
Birthday Bot - slack app and slack bot

My birthday is on September 8th. I accept gifts, hugs, nice wishes and postcards from your city! (make sure to send them :) ).

Best Slack App for Automation

Honestly, automation is the key in this busy world.

If you're not automating your workflows, then you're wasting your time and missing a bunch of new and great opportunities.

So, we've decided to present to you the best Slack app for automation.

31. Zapier - Whatever you're doing can be automated

With Zapier, you can create different workflows with as many different apps as you want.

It's easily connectable with more than 1000 different apps and products.

Easily build different workflows, and let your last step be the Slack - so you can receive notifications in your favorite coworking hub :)

Zapier has the free forever plan that lets you create up to 5 different automation flows with a maximum of two steps.

The paying plans are starting at $20 per month.

Best Slack Apps - Zapier pricing
Zapier - pricing

Best Slack App for Surveys

Surveys are an unavoidable part of every marketing, sales or business strategy.

So, let's see the best Slack app for Surveys

32. SurveyMonkey - the best Slack app for Surveys

Aaahhh, the monkeys, again! I told you that we like monkeys :)

They're so cute, funny and helpful.

SurveyMonkey's Slack App is great for conducting different surveys inside your team. You can ask for the opinions about marketing strategies, create daily standups or even investigate your employee's satisfaction.

Best Slack Apps - SurveyMonkey
SurveyMonkey - Slack app

Fortunately, SurveyMonkey has a lifetime free account.

Best Slack Apps to unleash your team's productivity

Slack is made because of productivity. Its main goal is to make teams more collaborative and productive at work.

Productivity is all about improving existing processes and making them easier and faster.

So, why we won't take advantage of that, and add a little bit more layers of productivity in Slack to improve our company's performance?

33. Giphy - finding gifs has never been easier

We all like gifs. I literally can't live without gifs.

Aren't they amazing?

Best Slack Apps - Giphy gif
Aren't gifs amazing? :) 

Finding gifs is as easy as 1,2,3.

Just type /giphy [keyword], and you will see the best gifs. Like this:

And after that, you will see this cute, fat and silly cat.

34. Pocket - save interesting articles and read them later

There is nothing worse in this world than finding some great article, don't have time to read it at the moment, and later forgetting about it.

So, you have two options:

  1. Save the article as the bookmark, and have the messy browser and never read that article
  2. Or use Pocket, and save everything you need.

Whenever someone sends something interesting in your channel, just click on the three dots in behind the message, and choose "Save to Pocket".

Simple as that.

Best Slack Apps - Pocket
Pocket - Slack App

35. Any.do - the best To-do slack app

Honestly, there's many Slack apps for to-do lists, but somehow, we found Any.do to be the best.

You can create, monitor or set the reminders for your to-dos.

It will help you to stay on track with your goals and be more productive.

36. Dead Simple Screen Sharing - easily explain to your teammates whatever you need

This Slack app has the right to have this name. It's literally dead simple to share the screen with the Dead Simple Screen Sharing app :).

Everything you need to do is to just type /screenshare and you will start sharing your screen.

Best Slack Apps - Dead Simple Screen Sharing
Dead Simple Screen Sharing - Slack App

37. Marker.io - easily send the screenshots to your teammates

Windows -> Snipping tool -> Make the screenshot -> Save the screenshot -> upload the screenshot.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, it doesn't need to be like this anymore.

Marker.io is the chrome extension that lets you to easily take screenshots, annotate them, and send to the desired Slack channel.

There are no confusing processes anymore.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to improve your team's productivity and performance.

We've chosen 37 best Slack apps that could help you to take your small or medium business on the next level.

But, why would you need all of those tools if you don't have enough customers? Or if you want to get more customers so you can afford them?

So, the first things first.

How are we going to capture people who are visiting your website?

The answer is simple - through the best live chat for Slack - Lemtalk. Everything you do for your sales or customer support, do it from Slack.

You can start 14-day free trial anytime you want! :) I would be more than happy to become your buddy in the customer support and obstacles that are coming!

Try lemtalk right now!

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