Heyo there Slack lovers,

It's Ugi here again! 👋

I'm literally spending hours and hours on Slack every single day. Some of the time I'm chatting with my teams on multiple projects, and the other part of the time I'm the active member in more than 20 different communities.

After some time, I realized that I can spend less time typing, and still say more.

You know this quote that the image says a thousand words?

Well, in this case, Slack commands are telling a million words.


After I started using Slack commands, my fingers are literally pasted to the "/" button.

Slack commands are helping me to do more in less time. Without navigating through the product or using my mouse at all.

Literally, with Slack commands, you can do almost anything - from inviting the member in the Slack channel to subscribing to the RSS feeds.

After spending some time chatting with other Slack users, I realized that Slack commands aren't so popular and that a lot of people are not using them at all.

So, I decided to create this little sheet with 39 different Slack commands you can use to blow-up your productivity in Slack.

Slack commands for navigation

Command Function
/apps Shows the list of all Slack shorcuts on the right side
/open channel Opens a channel
/join channel Joins a channel
/archive Archives the current channel

Slack commands for collaboration and productivity

Command Function
/active Make yourself as active
/away Make yourself as away
/dnd [some description] Starts or ends a Do Not Disturb mode
/expand Expands all files in the current channel
/collapse Collapse all the files in the current channel (opposite of /expand)
/invite @user Invite another member of the team to the channel
/invite_people name@example.com Invite other people to your workspace
/me your message Displays action text
/msg @user your message Send the message to another user
/dm @user your message Does totally the same function like /msg
/mute Mute the current channel
/remind [@someone or #channel][what] [when] Set a reminder to someone or to a channel
/remind help Learn more about how to set reminders
/remind list Get a list of reminders you have set
/search your text Perform the search
/s your text Does totally the same thing like /search. There is no difference :)
/remove @someone Remove someone from the current channel
/kick @someone The same as for the /remove, but /kick is more awesome
/star Stars the current channel
/who Shows you the list of the current channel members
/rename [new name] Rename a channel
/status Set, change or clear your status

These Slack commands you're typing in the search box (upper-right corner)

Command Function
in:[channel] Search the messages and files in the speciffic channel
in:[@name] Search only your direct messages with a particular person
to:me Search messages that are sent to you
from:[@name] Search messages that are sent by some particular person
has:link Search only messages that include URL
has:reaction Search only messages that have received reactions
before:[date] Search messages that are sent before some particular date
after:[date] Search messages that are sent after some aprticular date
on:[date/month/year] Search messages on some particular date
during:[month/year] Search messages that are sent during some particular time period (month or year)

Other Slack commands worth mentioning

Command Function
/shortcuts Shows the list of all Slack shortcuts on the right side
/feed [+term: help, subscribe, list, etc] Helps you to manage RSS subscriptions
/feedback Send the feedback to the Slack team

These are the 39 best Slack commands that every Slack user can use.

Keep in mind that there're also Slack commands that are coming with some particular apps.

So for example, commands ".info" in lemtalk shows you the exact information about the person that contacted you through your lemtalk's live chat for Slack.

This is it guys, hope you enjoyed it and found it useful! :)

Ping me on the live chat (in the down, right corner) if there's anything I can help you regarding Slack, customer support, lead generation, marketing and other thing :)