It all started in December 2015, after a stay at eFounders, François and I decided to launch our own startup; Talkus.

We loved Slack, we wanted to build something on it and customer support seemed obvious for us. Why did employees can talk to each other in a cool software but as soon as they wanted to communicate with their customers they have to switch with another tool all the time? It was clear to us that Slack could do just that.

First day!

After one month of development, we did a really great launch on Product Hunt:

This month, it's been 5 years, and we decided to use this anniversary to turn the page... just when Salesforce bought Slack...

We managed to push the MRR to 7500€ per month but a glass ceiling blocked us and an unlikely meeting with a brilliant young guy at Station F (Hey Guillaume) made us want to go on another project.

Despite the fact that Talkus has been running on its own, without maintenance or support, let's face it, there is no future for Talkus.

It has been an incredible adventure of 2 brothers with its ups and downs. 3 months of incubation in San Francisco. Great clients who have always trusted us from day one.

From today we stopped all the recurring payment.

So we let Talkus run for free for our existing clients and we stop new registrations.

Since there is no maintenance, Talkus will continue to run as long as Slack does not make any breakable changes in their API.

We invite you to consider another solution for your customer support as we cannot guarantee that Talkus will run for a long time to come.

An alternative that we can recommend is Intercom. We've done the switch with lemlist and we have to say that the product they've built is simply top notch!

We can't thank you enough for your help and support ❤️

Vianney and François